Chapter One and Just Getting Started!
by Muramasa

We have finally concluded with Chapter 1 of Giant Queen Sakura!


I hope all who have read have enjoyed it and we all thank you for reading and supporting us in our endeavor. Looking forward to Chapter 2, the action will start up within the first few pages, I assure you. I think that what is to come is one of my favorite drawn scenes of what's been visually completed so far. I hope you feel the same.


I would also like to give a little insider info about this. Chapters one and two are written as one chapter and drawn as two separate ones. We decided during the drawing process to split our chapters up and TRY to keep them at around 30 pages each. That may be why the first chapter may feel a bit anticlimactic.


Thanks again to our readers and if you want to get larger versions (albeit with watermarks) of the comics, we are also posting them up at

For everyone who is a partof this manga, see you chapter 2!



Site Works!
by Muramasa

We're finally getting around to tinkering with the site so while it's being worked one, strange and mysterious things might be happening o.O Hopefully when it's all said and done, everything will look most excellent!


Thank you,



by Muramasa


Currently we are int he process of revamping the first chapter. I've noted this before, but we're getting serious about it now.

So, I will try and continue irregularly posting new pages of the OLD stuff, so that when the NEW stuff comes out, you can say, Oh my!

However that means there is still no scheduled posting time yet : /

Thanks, everyone, for your patience and support! I know that We're just starting out but hopefully we'll keep on growing into something wonderful ^ ^



Still Working!
by Muramasa

We've gotten a few pages up now. Sorr that things are still sporadic. We're still working out the kinks around her.e. We figure that we'll put up up through page 16 and then really set down consistent release times and really aggressively go at this thing. The first few pages, as I am sure you have seen, may not be the best put together stuff but it was done when we were still working out the kinks. The artist has gotten a definesd style and the rythm in which pages are produced is really working well now. You will definitely see that reflected as the series goes on. That being said, we ARE lookign to redo some of these older chapters so there may be some things that get redone on the back end here. If and when that happens I will be sure and let everyone know! Thank you! ^ ^



Just getting started?
by Muramasa

Ok, so we've been trying to get this thing up and runnign for a while now. Through various inconveniences, we have failed miserably. But, Hark! It seems as if we may actually have a decent vehicle to run our strip for now.


So, for the moment, mind the mess while we straighten everything out. We'll be back with a more detailed description of the comic and the general idea of what we want to have happen with it. For now, all you should know is that it is a manga-style comic that parodies the Magical Girl Genre and pays hommage to all things Japanese manga/anime. It will be more slice-of-life-ish off the bat, but I assure you there will be action, and... Sumo!


Thanks in advance,